We have numerous consulting services agreements with senior associates for a range of management engagements.

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Executive Coaching


The Townsend Dantai has served clients in public office, private business, not-for-profit, university settings, private individuals, and senior federal leaders.  For the greatest benefit, the executive coach must study the clients’ contextual work environment in the broadest terms:  organizational mission; scope of duties; political nature; organizational culture; social undertones; and organizational values.  Townsend Dantai delivers the highest professional standards of services in executive coaching and it often supports its clients with a collaborative coaching strategy that joins its senior associates for the very best thinking and insights that benefit its coaching clients.

The approach that The Townsend Dantai uses is principally focused on the coaching client and anchored in the client’s growing self-awareness as a leader and manager.  Is their self-image closely aligned with the public (perceived) image described by subordinates, peers, and superiors?  With an understanding of the perception-gap that might exist and realizing that a closer alignment will likely result in better performance, what are the behavioral changes or skills the executive wants to affect or learn?

Strategic Planning


The Townsend Dantai has been offering strategic planning consultations to universities, federal agencies, and non-profit organizations for more than 20 years with experience grounded in political organizations, local community development initiatives, and national service organizations.  The ever-changing environment of organizations requires an agile approach to designing processes that produce strategic plans that are “reasoned and reliable as a guide and action tool”.

There is a sizeable body of knowledge on the methodologies, processes, tools, and philosophies for the production of strategic plans.  As much as the plans are the product of strategic thinking, the entire exercise is a concerted effort to direct the energies and resources of the organization to perform a service or produce a product as efficiently and effectively as possible; and to improve in organizational performance on a continuing basis.  Another important reason for strategic thinking and planning is to minimize risk and eliminate waste.

Information Technology Management


The Townsend Dantai provides consulting services in multiple areas of information systems management; with a focus on IT governance, program and project oversight, agile software development practices, budgeting, procurement, and management of outsourced services.  We have experience working with a variety of public and private IT organizations including governmental, not-for-profit, and for-profit enterprises.

We also provide services in the areas of IT current state, desired state, gap analysis, corrective action planning and execution of those plans. We have assisted our clients in successfully addressing service delivery, budgetary, and program oversight challenges using this approach.