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The Townsend Dantai is a Small Business Administration (SBA)-certified woman-owned firm with clients in both the public and commercial sectors. We specialize in executive coaching, strategic planning, and information technology management. Our clients include federal agencies, academic institutions, associations, and other non-profit organizations and individuals.

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Executive Coaching

Improving the unique skill sets of executives and senior managers while anchoring in their strengths, assures that the individual and the organization will perform at higher levels. Directed facilitation of senior management teams can overlay the executive coaching and team building experience.

Information Technology Management

Providing expertise in project and program management, process improvement, agile software development practices, and management of outsourced technology services.

Strategic Planning

Where are we going? Why are we going there? And, can we get there more efficiently? Facilitating the group effort to organize internally generated data into intelligible decision points helps answer the fundamental questions in strategic planning or long range planning.